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Content • Clarity • Execution

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Is marketing a struggle?

Are you missing opportunities?

Have a great idea but just can't seem to bring it to market?

Does advertising feel like a money pit?

Do you struggle to post anything to your blog, LinkedIn, Instagram?

There is a fast and easy path to marketing success…

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to faster marketing activations, better social media presence, higher response rates and increased sales.

If your business sells, quality content will help you grow.

#1. You probably already have all the tools needed for marketing sucess.

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#3. Only if we agree Jonathan Kaye Works can accelerate your marketing, lead generation and conversions, then we move forward with a customized plan.

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#5. Profit & Repeat

(we love repeat customers)

I am passionate about helping businesses grow, increasing sales and creating the best customer experience humanly possible.

Use my talent to activate your brand, add clarity to your message and develop high-quality content to finally execute on marketing plans that will help your business grow.

Jonathan Kaye

Visual Storytelling

Message Clarity

Marketing Automation

Photography / Video

Website Revamp

Sales Funnels

Graphic Design

Landing Pages

Lead Generation


Sales Collateral

Email Blast

Digital Asset Management

Direct Mail

CRM Development


Samples. samples, samples!


Coming soon.

Stop daydreaming and start profiting.

Execution is critical to success

Just like you, we work on projects, not hours.  Get returns on your marketing and brand building fast.

Half day projects starting at $400

Message Clarity

Half and Full Day Brainstorming – Copyright Sessions

*StoryBrand framework

• Get your idea unstuck!

• Develop a clear and effective marketing message

• Create a buzz, sell more product attract new customers

• Define onbrand content strategies

Design a framework that will support your brand or products growth for years.

Style Guide

The Foundation of your Brand image.


• Speed up your marketing design, web development and advertising efforts.

• Elevate your brand with clearly defined and consistent looks, textures, typography, colors and themes.

Bring new products and fresh ideas to market faster using established design guidelines.

Creative Brief

Say what you want and have the confidence to do it.


• You know your brand better than anyone.  It’s time to tell the photographers, videographers, marketers, print and web designers in your life exactly what you want instead of the other way around.

Execute your vision with clarity and confidence.

Landing Page

Wireframes and Fully Managed

• Open the top of your sales funnel – gather leads, referrals and sales.

• Start converting in as little as one-day.

Fill your CRM with qualified leads fast.

Product and Service Launch

Bring your idea to market it fast!

• SIMPLIFY –  your messaging, content, marketing and keywords.  Then quickly position and price your product so it sells.

• BUILD – a cohesive plan to improve your Brand, Segment and Product for continued, repeatable marketing sucess.

• EXECUTE – have fun, make money, repeat.

Full planning guarantees you’ll see results fast.

Content and Clarity Consulting

Sometimes it’s hard to see the forest through the trees.

• Get feedback, know you’re doing it right and ensure results

• Objects in motion tend to stay in motion. The support you need to advance marketing efforts, grow your brand and keep your ideas fresh.

• Weekly, monthly and quarterly reviews.  Therapy for your marketing mind or the occasional swift kick in the ass.

Less than the cost of a gym membership with 10x the results.

Content Creation

The right tool for the job.

• In-house, sub-contracted and art direction.

• Put an end to hiring creative professionals at technician wages, then being disappointed with the results.

• Photo, video, graphic design, recording, copywriting, marketing, SEO

The bridge between your great ideas and those capable of bringing them to life.

Internal Communications

Branding is everything, and it starts at home.

• Everything, (and it’s worth repeating) EVERYTHING your customer or prospect touches is your brand: emails, website, business cards, leave behinds, letterhead, signage, marketing activities, sales quotes, spreadsheets, your phone number…  how the phone is answered… everything.

• Different than a mission statement; with consistency can everyone on your team tell a stranger what your company does and why it is important in 30 seconds.

Start with meaningful message and watch your culture grow.

Activate your plan for marketing success.

Content • Clarity • Execution

Start building your brand to attract more customers and increase sales, today!

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